About the #MakeMomProud Movement

We all have it in us to take actions to “Make Mom Proud.” Yet our lives as customers are still led with some squishy experiences we’d rather not have had.

The goal of this movement is to boost us up by taking actions, one at a time, and then sharing them with each other. This work is one-step-at-a-time work. And so is this movement. One action will lead to another, and then another, and then another.

You Have the Fixings to #MakeMomProud

I invite you to honor your mom by posting your mom’s picture and a description of an action you’ve taken in business that makes the lives of customers or employees better. While you’re here, you can see what others have done, see their moms’ faces, and compare stories.

Share Your Story

On this site we will buoy up each other and celebrate progress and keep taking those steps to move forward. And we will feature your progress on social media and on our blog so that we can all celebrate your success.

Post Your Progress

Let the marketplace know you’re improving customers’ lives by using the hashtag #MakeMomProud. We learn and grow from each other, by standing on the shoulders of the people who came before us. We learn by fearlessly sharing our foibles, our journey, our joy, and our successes.

To advance all of us in making this a movement, share the acts you take as you progress on social media using the hashtag #MakeMomProud. Share what you’re doing and why the act you’ve taken is part of your march toward becoming that kind of company that is a #MakeMomProud company.

Wishing you joy, success, and contentment in your road ahead.

As always, reach out if you ever need a hand in the small of your back urging you on!


Jeanne Bliss